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September 29, 2015   •   Volume 6, Issue 20   •   ISSN: 2154-3240    
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♦   Feature Article: Keep the Bunnies in the Box
Ask Amanda: I inherited a mess, help!
♦   Practical Tips: Building Your Brand
Keep the Bunnies in the Box

You may be familiar with the tremendous amount of energy and drive it takes to compete for new business. One of my favorite expressions comes from the new business team at Y&R (the advertising giant): “Keep the bunnies in the box”—take all that energy and excitement and keep it focused on the task at hand. Wrangling bunnies is important for any key project you’re managing.

When you’re the team lead in a pressure situation, there are four key actions that are often overlooked: inspiring your bunnies, communicating with them, thanking them regularly, and helping them keep perspective. Those four areas can make or break a successful effort.
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Thought to Ponder

What is past happened for the best.

Practical Tips:
Building Your Brand

Most career advice recommends that you consciously create your brand and offers many suggestions on how to do so. According to Judith Sills in Psychology Today, “[your brand] is the professional identity you create in the minds of others.” Once you’ve identified your brand, how do you ensure you become known for it?
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 ask Amanda

I inherited a mess. Nothing is standardized, the staff runs the gamut from expert to completely incompetent, and the work keeps coming. I don't know where to start. Suggestions? T.W., San Francisco, CA

Amanda Mitchell

The key question is whether your manager and the company’s management see the situation the same way. If those in power don’t believe there’s a problem, then attempting to fix it is a sure way to derail your career.
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