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May 26, 2015   •   Volume 6, Issue 11   •   ISSN: 2154-3240    
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♦   Feature Article: Building Trust
Ask Amanda: My boss delegates then jumps back in. Help!
♦   Practical Tips: Weighty Research
Building Trust

According to a study conducted by Deloitte, 48% of employees who plan to seek new jobs attribute their restlessness at least in part to a loss of trust at work. It goes without saying (although I’m going to) that lying, cheating, and deceiving are sure ways to destroy trust. But what can you do to proactively build your team’s trust in you?

Share useful information. Unless there’s an issue with confidentiality, share more information, not less. The more timely, accurate, and complete it is, the more trust you build. If it’s bad news, deliver it completely and quickly. It’s much better if your team hears the news from you than from someone else or through the grapevine.

Act with integrity. A good way to get people to trust you is by doing what you say you’ll do, on a regular and ongoing basis.
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Thought to Ponder

Start with dreams, end with goals.

Practical Tips:
Weighty Research

We all know that maintaining your weight is good for your health but did you know it also affects your career?

According to research by the Center for Creative Leadership, an executive’s performance rating decreases as their waist circumference increases. The research found that managers who were overweight or obese were thought to have less stamina and be worse leaders.

You have every right to live your life how you want to. Be sure you know the tradeoffs you’re making so you don’t have regrets down the road.

 ask Amanda

My boss constantly jumps in and makes decisions on my projects. He is making me crazy! What can I do? M.W., Wilmington, DE

Amanda Mitchell

You can’t solve the problem until you know what the problem is—your boss jumping in is a symptom, not the issue. Why is your boss jumping in? Are you not making decisions fast enough? Are your priorities misaligned? Has something changed and you’re unaware of it?
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