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March 18, 2014   •   Volume 5, Issue 6   •   ISSN: 2154-3240    
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♦   Feature Article: Failing Better
Ask Amanda: What can I do about a lack of leadership?
♦   Practical Tips: Three Great Questions
Failing Better

Everyone gets rejected, makes mistakes, and loses. However, these aren’t actually failures per se. Failure is really about how you choose to handle those situations. Great leaders know how to deal with those situations graciously and effectively.

How should you communicate when your efforts come up short?
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Thought to Ponder

Travel the road your way.

Practical Tips:
Three Great Questions

When you’re job hunting, it’s easy to forget that the interview is a two-way street. Just as the company is evaluating you and your potential, you need to evaluate the company and its fit with your long-term goals. According to Inc.com columnist Jeff Haden, the best questions to ask are:
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 ask Amanda

What is the best way for a mid- to entry-level employee to handle a lack of leadership in the office? W.W., NY, NY

Amanda Mitchell

This is a situation that trips up a lot of people. Usually people try to resolve this by going to management and complaining, bad mouthing the individual responsible, or trying to confront the person directly. Don’t do it. All of these approaches will backfire, even if you are correct about the lack of leadership.
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