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September 16, 2014   •   Volume 5, Issue 19   •   ISSN: 2154-3240    
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♦   Feature Article: Sacrificial Leadership
Ask Amanda: How do I deal with a boss who doesn’t trust me?
♦   Practical Tips: Red Flags
Sacrificial Leadership

You’ve probably worked with a martyr before. You know, the one who always stays late, takes the projects no one wants, and does the “dirtiest” jobs, all in the name of taking one for the team. There is a parallel in the management ranks—the sacrificial leader.

This type of leader consistently puts other people, the company, or the company’s mission ahead of their own needs. For example, the manager who takes team orientation to the extreme. Such leaders often have very good intentions, but their behavior can backfire and potentially derail the their careers.
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Thought to Ponder

Begin with certainty; end with doubts.

Practical Tips:
Red Flags

By now most people know that potential employers check us out on LinkedIn, so they adjust their profiles accordingly. But did you know though that Facebook and Twitter posts can also create a problem for you?

Privacy settings are supposed to limit who sees your posts. However, 65% of participants in a Columbia University study were sharing information in ways they did not understand.
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 ask Amanda

My boss trusts no one and is obsessively detail-oriented. She micromanages and expects everything to go through her. It's gotten to the point that we all expect to be called in regularly to be given the "third degree" knowing if we don't "pass" it will show up on our evaluation. Any suggestions? T.S., Wayne, NJ

Amanda Mitchell

From the tone of your question it’s clear that you don’t have the best relationship with your boss. Before you can solve the problem you need to put your opinion about your boss in perspective. Think about why she’s acting the way she is. It’s possible she doesn’t know any better—many managers are put into jobs with little or no management training.
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