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May 27, 2014   •   Volume 5, Issue 11   •   ISSN: 2154-3240    
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♦   Feature Article: Emotional Outbursts
Ask Amanda: I’m too busy to deal with underperformers. Help!
♦   Practical Tips: Watch Your Mouth
Emotional Outbursts

It happens when you least expect it: you’re critiquing a work project or informing someone they’re not getting the raise they hoped for, and Whammo! You’ve got a full-scale tantrum or crying jag on your hands.

How do you handle someone as an adult when they’re acting like a child?

Give the employee a moment to regain their composure. Be careful to avoid being overly solicitous or acting like a parent.
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Thought to Ponder

Where you are is not who you are.

Practical Tips:
Watch Your Mouth

Many of us have speaking habits that inadvertently undermine us. We all know that using “ums,” “you know,” and “like” distracts from your message. Use strong verbs and be careful about inserting lots of qualifiers like “might,” “could,” and “may” because they take away power from your statements. Instead of “I wish,” speak definitively with “I will.” Whether you mean to or not, you sound uncertain when you use these verbal tics consistently.
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 ask Amanda

I have a large team and a lot of time-sensitive deliverables. There are a few staffers who are under-performing and they have been for a while. I don't have the time to do all the paperwork HR wants me to do to address the issues, given how much we have to do as a group. Suggestions? T.J., Metuchen, NJ

Amanda Mitchell

Generally under-performers have the greatest negative impact when you’re in a high-stress, high-impact time period. Remember, teams can’t rise much beyond the level of the under-performer without other team members taking on significantly more work and responsibility. 
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