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October 2, 2012   •   Volume 3, Issue 20   •   ISSN: 2154-3240    
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♦   Feature Article: Better Decision Making
Ask Amanda: Should I change careers or is a job change better?
♦   Practical Tips: Preventing Burnout
Better Decision Making

We’re taught that the best decisions are based on a thorough analysis of all options and a rational analysis of the facts. This often leads to the assumption that more information leads to better decisions. Neuroscience research is leading experts to conclude that just the opposite is true. Too much information leads to poorer decisions being made.

Neuroscientists scanned the brains of volunteers as they attempted to analyze complex problems. They found that the area of the brain responsible for decision making and controlling emotions reached a point, as the information load increased, where it suddenly switched off.
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Thought to Ponder

Often no one is to blame.

Practical Tips:
Preventing Burnout

Research published in the Journal of Applied Psychology showed that employees who regularly exercise not only improve their physical health; they protect their mental well-being too. The study, which followed 1,632 workers over 9 years, found that the more people exercised, the less likely they were to experience a decline in their psychological well-being.
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 ask Amanda

How do you know whether you should change careers, or whether a job change makes more sense? L.G., New York, NY

Amanda Mitchell

There are many things to consider when determining whether to make a change. The good news is that you are being proactive, which not only gives you more control, it is also less stressful. The most important consideration is your goals. What are you working towards?
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