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September 4, 2012   •   Volume 3, Issue 18   •   ISSN: 2154-3240    
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♦   Feature Article: Know Your Limiters
Ask Amanda: I’m now managing my friends and they’re not delivering. Help!
♦   Practical Tips: Emotional Exhaustion
Know Your Limiters

Most people don’t realize—or accept—that the biggest obstacle to their success is themselves. After all, it’s much easier to blame others for what isn’t working than to look critically at your own behavior. It’s actually a question of power—do you want power and take responsibility for your actions, or would you rather be a victim?

Limiters hold you back and impact your thinking, priorities, and behavior—often at great cost. The most common limiter is fear. In and of itself, fear is not necessarily a bad thing—it’s certainly an excellent motivator! Usually, however, fear manifests at work as a reluctance to take risks.
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Thought to Ponder

You get what you settle for.

Practical Tips:
Emotional Exhaustion

A new workplace study by scientists from Concordia University and the Université de Montréal found that workers who stay in an organization out of a sense of obligation or for lack of alternatives are more likely to experience burnout and stress-related health problems. While that finding isn’t particularly shocking, what was surprising was the fact that those with high self-esteem appear to be most affected by a perceived lack of employment alternatives.
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 ask Amanda

I was promoted and now am managing my friends. It's awkward and worse yet, I find their work is not up to snuff. How do I handle this? A.S., Hoboken, NJ

Amanda Mitchell

You’re facing a very common issue. When you’re promoted, things change. While you can still be friendly with those you manage, by necessity you have to create some distance in order to be effective. This might mean limiting your social engagements with them outside of work or being more circumspect when discussing your personal life.
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