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June 12, 2012   •   Volume 3, Issue 12   •   ISSN: 2154-3240    
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♦   Feature Article: Shake Up Your Thinking
Ask Amanda: I’m suffocating at work! What can I do?
♦   Practical Tips: Skill Sharpening
Shake Up Your Thinking

We all fall into routines, including routines in our ways of thinking. However, when our thinking gets into a rut it can have serious consequences for our careers. How can you stimulate your brain and keep your thinking innovative?

Look for the Unseen
Insights often come from focusing on what isn’t apparent. Where others saw a simple transaction—purchasing coffee—Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, saw a daily, emotion-packed ritual.
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Thought to Ponder

Champions are made in practice, not in the game.

Practical Tips:
Skill Sharpening

Staying current in your field—or adding new skills—is important for career growth. A quick way to access some of the big guns at leading universities is to check out iTunes U. Look for it on your navigation bar when you log into your iTunes account. You can search by category and find everything from TED talks to a Harvard course in statistical modeling (oh, goody!)—all for free!
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 ask Amanda

I feel trapped in my job. I work long hours, never see anyone, and feel like I’m dying! I am a creative person and they’re suffocating me with work. What can I do? A.R., Brooklyn, NY

Amanda Mitchell

First, I would suggest you dial down the drama. Remember, you are choosing to stay in your situation because there is a positive tradeoff. I completely understand the feeling of being inundated with work, but characterizing your situation in this overly emotional way just makes it seem worse—and it’s more draining. It can lead you to lose perspective.
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