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July 26, 2011   •   Volume 2, Issue 15   •   ISSN: 2154-3240    
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♦   Feature Article: Do the Unexpected
Ask Amanda: I never feel like Iíve gotten things done because others are constantly interrupting. What can I do?
♦   Practical Tips: Dealing with Uncertainty
Do the Unexpected

While everyone likes to have some routine in their life, over time routine can lead to boredom and it can stifle your thinking and creativity. Youíre paid to solve problems, and bored people rarely come up with innovative solutions. Itís your responsibility to keep yourself challenged. When you find yourself bored at work, ask yourself what you can do to shake up your routine, and by extension, your thinking.

Try new things. If youíve always wanted to write a book, take a writing class. You may choose not to write the book but just being around others and learning a new process may stimulate new thinking that you can apply at work.
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Thought to Ponder

Active listening leads to common ground.

Practical Tips:Dealing with Uncertainty

Many people have difficulty with ambiguity. Fear of the unknown causes them to look for a proven path and try to exert control in all arenas, in a vain attempt to reduce risk. Because they view the world through a lens of fear, they see risk everywhere. This worldview is almost always based in insecurity and is prevalent among those who are not secure in their own thinking. This type of person is in constant reaction mode, always waiting for the other shoe to drop.
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 ask Amanda

At the end of every day I feel like I've gotten nothing done. It feels like every minute someone or something is claiming my attention. What steps can I take to rectify this? K.H. Tampa, FL

Amanda Mitchell

Not knowing the particulars of your situation, I would guess that your definition of your job is not aligned with your manager’s definition of your job. Many newer managers are very focused on checking things off their “to do” list. After all, they believe that being incredibly productive and delivering tangible outcomes is what got them promoted in the first place. Meetings seem like a waste of time.
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