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August 10, 2010   •   Volume 1, Issue 16   •   ISSN: 2154-3240    
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♦  Feature Article: Develop Strategically
Ask Amanda: How can I get others to be accountable for their actions?
♦  Practical Tips: Estimate Accurately
Develop Strategically

It is funny how “being strategic” is talked about constantly in the workplace and yet very few executives actually are strategic, particularly when it comes to their own personal development. While your management may have suggestions on areas where they’d like you to increase your skill base, remember that they are basing their recommendations on their needs, which may or may not line up with your long-term agenda.   read more

Thought to Ponder Any goal easily reached was not big enough.
Practical Tips: Estimate Accurately

A constant refrain around the workplace is that there is not enough time in the day. Part of the reason we feel that way is that we underestimate how much time it takes to complete projects, which leads to unrealistic deadlines. The usual culprit is that we estimate in a vacuum...   read more

 ask Amanda
Question: How can I get others to be accountable for their actions? Many of my direct reports come to me for the solution, as if by dumping the problem on my desk, they are no longer responsible for providing a solution.
– K.M., Stamford, CT
Amanda Mitchell

Through our actions and behaviors we train others on how to interact with us. The first question I had when I read your question was “How do you respond when they do this?” Most people want to help and it’s natural to offer up suggestions when others approach with a problem. However, in this instance, doing so rewards their behavior and only encourages them to continue it.   read more

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