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July 13, 2010   •   Volume 1, Issue 14   •   ISSN: 2154-3240    
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♦  Feature Article: Managing Effectively
Ask Amanda: How do you manage to get all your work done given the number of required meetings?
♦  Practical Tips: E-mail Management
Manage Effectively

One of the unfortunate implications of having a very lean structure is that there is no time, few role models, and probably little training available to teach the basics of effective management.

High achievers, in particular, have difficulty when it comes to managing others because they believe that they can do the jobs they're delegating better than those they are delegating to.    read more

Thought to Ponder Growth follows your energy investment.
Practical Tips: E-mail Management

Everyone is inundated with e-mail. Use technology settings to help you focus your attention and maximize your efficiency.

Set up folders to sort e-mail as it comes in and check them in priority order. Typically executives create folders for...    read more

 ask Amanda
Question: We spend endless hours in meetings in my company--and nothing gets done--meanwhile I have to work late to get everything finished. What can I do?
L.S., St. Louis, MO
Amanda Mitchell

Many companies have a culture of constant meetings. For people who strongly value productivity it can be extremely frustrating because it looks like nothing is getting done. However, recognize that as an executive you are expected to attend meetings as part of your job-and what is getting "accomplished" during these meetings is often intangible. Expand your definition of "results" to include things like picking up cues about what's important to management, learning how others think/behave, building relationships, and learning how to influence the influencers.    read more

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