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It’s the Little Things

Team dysfunction is rampant and it creates a boatload of work for everyone. Doing little things consistently to assure your staff they are valued (assuming they are!) and to demonstrate the culture you desire can go a long way towards

Hire Autistics

Now that’s a directive you rarely hear. Yet companies—software giant SAP for one–are recruiting people with autism in order to take advantage of their particular skills. What’s the learning for the rest of us? Everyone has something to offer. According

Dream Teams Aren’t Always Dreamy

Have you ever experienced this? You’re part of a team made up of the most qualified or talented people in their particular area…and the team can’t get a darn thing done. I always wondered how the original “Dream Team,” the

What’s Missing in Our Work Ethic?

How is it that everyone is so busy yet it seems like nothing ever gets done? Listen to those around you. I guarantee someone is talking about how busy they are—and another person will soon up the ante. We’re competing

Creating a Happier 2012

This is the week where most New Year’s resolutions meet an untimely end—often because people set unrealistic goals. Having a happier work life—and happier life in general—is within anyone’s grasp. One of the most important predictors of workplace happiness is

Occupy Wall Street — What Do Our Reactions Say About Us?

One of the most interesting aspects of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement is the reaction to it. While many would agree with the protesters’ core issue—the belief profits have come to matter more than people—how the protest is being

What We Can Learn From The Greeks

Our economic situation has made it crystal clear that what happens to one of us, impacts the rest of the industrialized world as well. My hope is that we’re learning and applying that learning so we can avoid repeating the

A Thanksgiving Thought

Listening to the responses of Medal of Honor winner Salvatore Giunta as he made the media rounds last week was a refreshing experience. One interviewer said what most were thinking, “if it were me, I’d be saying ‘look at me’.

Chilean Miners Know What We’ve Forgotten

The collapse of the mine in Chile has provided an interesting example of teamwork under the direst circumstances. When the news came out that the 33 trapped miners had been reached and rescue was imminent, I was struck by the